EC organizes Democracy Development Center


BANGKOK, 16 March 2014 Mr. Pravich Rattanapian, the commissioner for public participation for the Election Commission (EC), is collaborating with a non-formal education organization to create the Democracy and Subdistrict Election Development Center, to encourage democratic participation amongst youth, students and the general public by educating them about democracy. The center will also promote honesty in elections and monitor actions that violate the election law so that the election goes smoothly. 

Each province will have one center and has a board of nine people. There will be performance evaluation after one year and if the targets are achieved, there will be 7,000 centers established across the country. Moreover, the EC have invited senate candidates to attend a meeting to create awareness about the correct understanding of the law. The senate candidates were asked to make a vow together and exchange their opinions. This will ensure that the senate candidates accept the rules and reduce complaints after the election.

Mr. Pravich stressed that people should go out to cast their vote so that they do not lose their political rights. If this election goes smoothly, it is expected that at least 70 percent of eligible voters will cast their votes.