Bang Saen expedites oil spill clean-up


BANGKOK, 16 March 2014  The Saen Suk Municipality in Chon Buri has urgently clean oil slicks on Bang Saen beach until most of the beach area is now clean. Nearby tourist centers are helping clean tourists who have oil on their bodies and handing out rash ointments. 

Executive of the Saen Suk Municipality Sarawut Rod-u and his staff on Sunday inspected oil slicks on the famous beach in the eastern province of Chon Buri. Mr Sarawut said there were only a few unclean parts left but there were oil slicks floating on the water 100 meters from the shore. Tourists were still visiting Bang Saen beach although some of them were stained with oil slicks when swimming in the water, the executive said.

The municipality has urged tourists to be careful when swimming in the sea and warned children not to go into the water since they might be allergic to the oil.

The municipality will clean oil slicks in the sea with chemicals and notify police officers of the incident in order to take legal actions against those who spilled the oil.