EC bans releasing poll results 7 days before election


BANGKOK, 4 February 2013  The Election Commission (EC), Bangkok Office, is banning the release of opinion polls during the seven days leading up to the March 3 gubernatorial election. 

Bangkok EC Chairman Thaweesak Tuchinda explained that opinion polls can influence the voting behavior of Bangkok residents in the upcoming governor election as voters tend to factor polling results as part of their decision-making. Therefore, any survey must be conducted and results publicized at least seven days prior to the election. Violators will be considered in breach of the 2002 Local Election Act for exerting misleading or unfair influence on voters.

He also elaborated that exit polls can be conducted only after the voting process has ended and only outside polling stations.

Mr Thaweesak warned that polling companies found to have violated the seven-day ban will receive a prison term of no more than 10 years and a fine of up to 200,000 baht.