Dusit Zoo relocation could take at least 2-3 years


Bangkok – The Zoological Park committee tasked with studying the relocation of Dusit Zoo expects the process to take at least 2-3 years.

Last month, the managers of the Zoological Park Organization met with the Governor of Pathum Thani to kickstart the project. Another meeting will be held on January 9 to follow up on their progress.

The relocation project is currently in the process of appointing two committees to oversee and study the relocation of Dusit Zoo to Pathum Thani. One committee will oversee the construction of the new zoo, while the other will be tasked with studying the relocation process and oversee the facilitation of groundwater and electricity infrastructure.

Dusit Zoo currently has over 260 species that need to be transported. Director Pitak Ounsorn noted that the zoo regularly transports animals to and from zoos within its network. In the upcoming relocation, special care must be taken for the giraffes and hippopotamuses, especially a 50-year-old hippo which is the oldest animal in the zoo.

The new 300-rai zoo will be located on Klong 6 in Thanyaburi district of Pathum Thani.