Dusit Poll: Disharmony and bad economy cause unhappiness for Thais


BANGKOK, 27 May 2012 – A recent poll conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University has indicated that Thai people see the disharmony in society and the poor economic situation as the root of their unhappiness. 

Conducted on 2,328 people across the country during 21-26 May, the Suan Dusit Poll asked respondents to state what makes them happy and unhappy when they are with their family, in their community, and in the Thai society.

More than half of the respondents said they feel happy from the love and understanding of their family. Meanwhile, fights and disagreements are the number-one cause of unhappiness, followed by financial difficulties and health problems.

When asked about the happiness and unhappiness within their community, the respondents stated that the helpfulness and harmony among community members bring them happiness whereas negative factors, such as selfishness, drugs, gambling and robbery lead to their discontent.

Looking at the Thai society as a whole, the respondents voted kindness, generosity and smiles as the key factors to the Thai people’s happiness, followed by harmony and the conservation of the Thai identity. On the other hand, most people have indicated that at present they are feeling distressed because of the disunity among the Thai people, as well as selfishness, high cost of living and corruption, among others.

However, the respondents have suggested ways to keep themselves happy and cure their unhappiness by looking at the bright side of things, resigning themselves to the truth and changes, turning to Buddhism and leading a sufficient life.