Dusit Poll: Bangkok voters prefer party candidate


BANGKOK, 20 January 2013 The latest Suan Dusit Poll revealed Bangkokians are likely to vote for a Bangkok governor candidate running under a political party. 

According to Suan Dusit Poll, 56.47 % or more than half of the respondents said that they will vote for a party-supported candidate, basically due to their appreciation of the party while some 40% would cast their vote for an independent contender. Only 3.45% said they remain undecided.

When asked what they look for in the candidates, 47.30% said they hope to hear clear-cut policy campaigns from party candidates and vision as well as clear work directions from independent candidates.

The survey also revealed that 52.17% felt the upcoming Bangkok Governor poll will be fierce because of the rivalry between the 2 major parties, namely the Pheu Thai and the Democrats.

In addition, 53.88 % of the respondents expect conflicts will remain after the election because of the ongoing split in Thai politics and the society. Moreover, the majority of those, who answered the survey, said there will still be vote-buying during the Bangkok Governor election.