DSI freezing protesters’ bank accounts, arresting more protest leaders


BANGKOK, Dec 19 – Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation (DSI) distributed letters to 30 commercial banks, seeking to freeze all the bank accounts belonging to 18 anti-government protest  leaders and two

accounts which received donations from the public to support to the month-long demonstration.

DSI chief Tarit Pengdit said the commercial banks were asked to check details of the 18 protesters’ financial accounts, branches of deposits and the amount of all deposits, and submit their six-month financial statements.

The DSI ordered seizure of their accounts and two more accounts from the Siam Commercial Bank, Ratchdamnoen Branch, which received donations for food to protesters.

Mr Tarit also issued summonses to 18 protest leaders, instructing them to acknowledge charges against them on December 26-27.

The DSI chief will meet with investigation officials including officers from the Metropolitan Police Command, National Police Bureau, DSI and Attorney General Office on Monday to discuss legal action and study relevant evidence against a new group of 20-30 protesters especially those who made public statements in violation of the law, and broke into government property.

Among those include academics, demonstrators and former members of parliament, he said.