Drug Dealers Caught by Banglamung Police


Banglamung police station held a press conference after arresting 3 Thai drug dealers.

One was a 21 year old man who was in possession of 10 amphetamine tablets, a 33 year old man with 30 amphetamines and a 25 year old with 40 grams of Ice a 0.38 revolver and 22 bullets.

Pol. Col. Somnuk said the whole gang was arrested after police initially captured one of them while he was delivering 10 tablets to his clients on Rongpoh-Takientia road.

The 2nd man was arrested while delivering 30 tablets in the  Rongpoh area the 3rd man was arrested in his rented house on a local road.

All confessed that they were minor drug dealers who had teenagers in the area as their customers.

Drug Dealers Caught by Banglamung Police