Students Taught about Water Treatments


More than 120 students learned how micro-organisms can restore the quality of local sea water as the Designed Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration and Rajpat Rampaipannee University held a science fair on Monday.

Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn opened the “Dasta Ball” water-treatment seminar that encouraged young people to become involved in improving water quality in their neighborhoods.

Dasta Ball was developed by the agency to treat polluted seas around Thailand by releasing organisms into the ocean that noticeably improve the scent, look and quality of water within 48 hours.

Students from 18 colleges and universities studied the technical theory behind the balls and got practical, hands-on experience in how to deploy them near their homes.

Rajpat Rampaipannee researchers said the micro-organisms in the Dasta Ball were hearty enough to endure difficult environments.

Students Taught about Water Treatments