Drought still widespread in North and Northeast


PHICHIT, 26 April 2012  – Drought crisis remains widespread in the North and Northeast. Recently, more districts in Nakhon Ratchasima, Kalasin, and Phichit have been declared drought disaster zones. 

The drought crisis has affected many people in Phichit. Most of them lack water for consumption. Six districts in the province have been declared drought disaster zones, while two more are expected to join the list soon.

Meanwhile, 12 out of 19 districts in Kalasin have also been declared drought-struck zones. Authorities have been helping affected people as the water sources in the province are holding only 20 percent water of its capacity.

Nakhon Ratchasima has recently announced 28 out of 32 districts in the province drought disaster zones. Over 760,000 people have been suffering from lack of water, while crops in nearly 17,000 rai of farmlands have been damaged and dead from the severe drought. Local officials have so far distributed over 2 million liters of potable water to the residents.