Bus fare to increase starting May 15


BANGKOK, 26 April 2012  – The Central Land Transport Control Commission has resolved to adjust public transport fares upward to match the rising fuel price, starting May 15. 

Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport Sornsak Saensombat, in his capacity as Chairman of the Central Land Transport Control Commission, has announced that the board has given approval to a fare hike of no more than 4 satang/km. for public bus operators running between Bangkok and other provinces, and inter-provincial buses.

Meanwhile, the fare for two-row passenger vehicles, or commonly known as “song thaew”, in Bangkok will also see an increase to 7 baht. However, for services between 22.00-05.00hrs, commuters will face an increase of another 2 baht, totaling 9 baht. Minibus fare will also go up from 6.50 baht to 8.50 baht. The new fares will come into effect on May 15.

However, Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) buses running in Bangkok and its vicinity will only see a fare hike once NGV price goes up from 8.50 baht/litre to reach 9.50 baht/litre. Passengers of ordinary buses will have to pay 1 baht more per trip, while those traveling by air-conditioned buses will be obliged to pay an increase of 1 baht per stop.

As for the new taxi fare, the Department of Land Transport is rushing to conclude the new rate to submit to the Ministry of Transport for further approval by the cabinet in May. It is expected that the new rate will come into effect in June.