DPM Kittiratt pleads for more cooperation to help rid Thailand of corruption


BANGKOK, 24 August 2012  – A deputy prime minister pleads for more cooperation from all sides to help rid the country of corruption. 

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong said on Thursday that he agreed with the latest survey on corruption in Thailand, which suggested that the problem has exacerbated each year .

Mr. Kittiratt stated that the problem of corruption has been deep-rooted and accumulated in the Thai society for decades.

He stressed that close and serious cooperation from the state and the private sectors are essential in solving this problem.

The Deputy PM went on to say that, for the Thai economy to move forward smoothly, the government’s budget disbursement and the private sector’s confidence are to continue uninterruptedly.

Therefore, he said that people from all walks of life should come together to tackle this sickening problem, once and for all, as speedily as possible.