Disabled boy gets his wish for a new wheelchair


YALA, 9 Jan 2015 – A boy, who has been paralyzed from waist down by an insurgent attack, got his wish for a new wheelchair as a gift on the Children’s Day.

Handing out the wheelchair to the boy was Yala Governor Samart Waradisai, his spouse, Red Cross President Jutamat Waradisai, Special Education Center Director Kasemsuk Pasuntaratham at the paralyzed boy’s school in Bannangsta District.

11-year old Imran Surapong lost his father and the use of his legs by perpetrators of violence a few years ago. He underwent a 3-year treatment and rehabilitation before returning to class.

The wheelchair has been provided by the Region 2 Special Education Center in Yala.

Imran expressed his profound gladness for receiving the new wheelchair. He earlier told the media that he had 2 wheelchairs; an old one for home use and a-year-old one for school use. He said the newly received wheelchair would replace his old one, as the aging chariot has weathered and is now less functional.

Yala Red Cross also gave out eggs to the school for making lunches.