Diplomat will be treated fairly on assault accusation: Foreign Minister


BANGKOK, June 21 – Thai Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul on Friday pledged the ministry will give fair treatment to all parties in a case involving a female Thai diplomat in Cairo alleged to have fiercely assaulted an Egyptian woman.

The Thai foreign minister’s assurance came after the Egypt Independent  reported that the first secretary at the Thai embassy in Cairo, Kakanang Amaranand, allegedly verbally and physically assaulted lawyer Rana Ashraf on June 13. The Thai diplomat however insisted that she acted in self-defence.

Mr Surapong said Ms Kakanang was recalled and arrived Bangkok June 19 after the report and is now entering the ministry’s investigation procedures.

He promised that both Ms Kakanang and the Egyptian lawyer will be treated fairly without discrimination.

The minister said he believes the case will not affect bilateral ties. The issue will also not affect security of Thai officials there as Egyptians know that the matter was a personal conflict.

After the incident, he said, however, the Egyptian government increased security measures at the Thai embassy compound in Cairo.

“We have learned only a one-sided story from the Egyptian lawyer and her husband, but the accused has not yet given an account of what happened,” said Mr Surapong.

After the clarification process is done, he said, the foreign minister spokesman will inform the public of the investigation result and will distribute information online.

Mr Surapong said the ministry will complete the investigation as soon as possible.