Details of solar roof drive to be sent to Cabinet for approval in 30 days


BANGKOK, 25 March 2015  – The National Reform Council is proposing that the government issue a bill on alternative energy to support Thailand’s foray into the green energy sector.

Professor Dr. Dusit Kruangam the deputy chairman of the NRC’s subcommittee on reform of alternative energy, re-usable energy and energy conservation spoke on Tuesday about the project to promote installation of solar roofs. He said the subcommittee had already forwarded the matter to the Ministry of Energy for further studies. The final findings will be presented to the Cabinet for approval within 30 days.

Dr. Dusit said the subcommittee was proposing the use of the Energy Savings Company (ESCO) model in the management of state agencies’ energy use, as the model has proven effective in reducing expenses and optimizing energy use among state agencies. The subcommittee was also proposing the issuance of energy usage regulations for state- and private-owned buildings and large homes, under the belief that doing so would contribute to the reform of energy use and the reduction of environmental problems.

Dr. Dusit added that in order to allow Thailand to become the ASEAN region’s center in green energy, development of renewable energy must be undertaken, especially for biofuels such as ethanol and biodiesel. This effort would be augmented by the issuance of an alternative energy bill, and by creating a green energy network among the member countries of ASEAN.