Deputy Premier Wissanu admits Thai laws obsolete


Bangkok – Deputy Prime Minister for Legal Affairs Wissanu Krea-Ngam has conceded that many laws in force in Thailand are outmoded.

Calling for an urgent legal modernization, Wissanu said a number of laws in Thailand are not compatible with international treaties and agreements, and some of them appear to contradict the rule of law.

A modernization of the law would yield several benefits, according to the deputy premier, such as the improvement of the country’s ability to compete, the prevention of corrupt practices, and the promotion of transparency.

Some of the current laws were drafted 600 years ago without any adjustments since, said Wissanu, adding that changes made must be based on the best interest of the public and the nation.

For the past 3 years since the current administration took office, no fewer than new 300 laws have already been promulgated.

He also noted that the government is looking into the possibility of forming a law reform body for sustainable development of Thai legislation.