Deputy PM Wissanu says election roadmap will be followed


BANGKOK – Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has expressed confidence that organic laws relating to the election will be passed in time to adhere to the election roadmap.

Dr. Wissanu disclosed today that the government has submitted three organic acts for royal approval, which govern the Election Commission of Thailand, political parties, and the judicial process for holders of public office. He said that the Election Commission Act is now in effect, while the other two are being deliberated by the National Legislative Assembly.

Dr. Wissanu expressed confidence that the acts will be passed in time and will not delay the election timeline.

The deputy premier gave a talk during a seminar on reform, saying reform efforts will be met with obstacles and will impact stakeholders. The government must therefore compensate those who will be affected, and all sides must exercise patience in order to see the agenda through to its completion.

All reform committees must submit their preliminary plans to the government. If the plan is rejected by the Cabinet or otherwise meets with opposition, it must be revised. Dr Wissanu said he will follow up on the work of each committee on September 30th.