Deputy PM: USA ready to cooperate in intelligence


BANGKOK, 28 March 2012  – US Ambassador Kristie A. Kenney has, on behalf of her country, expressed enthusiasm to fully cooperate with Thailand in the field of intelligence sharing. 

Following a meeting with the US Ambassador, Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Yuthasak Sasiprapa disclosed that the US diplomat has congratulated Thailand on its cooperation with the USA while stating that the US is ready to provide Thailand its full cooperation in intelligence sharing, particularly data on counter terrorism.

In regard to the blasts which occurred in Bangkok on February 14, the USA has recognised Thailand’s determination to resolve the problem by stepping up security measures in its immigration procedures. The Deputy PM has reaffirmed that the Thai government is prepared to protect both locals and foreigners. Furthermore, he requested that the US government not rush to issue travel warnings in the future, given that the warnings have caused a drop in the number of tourists as well as a halt in the country’s tourism sector.

Another topic of discussion agenda was human trafficking, which is currently a worldwide concern. Thailand has currently been given a level two on the USA’s watch-list for human trafficking crimes. If the country moves to level 3, there might be a problem in the international relations between the two countries. The Deputy PM has, thus, informed the US Ambassador that Thailand gives its utmost importance to eradicate this crime against humanity. He added that a meeting with relevant agencies, such as the Social Development and Human Security Ministry, the Foreign Ministry as well as police officers, will be held on March 29 to discuss measures to prevent Thailand’s human trafficking situation from worsening.