Dengue vaccine for children to be available in two years


BANGKOK, 25 July 2014  – A dengue fever vaccine for children will become available in no more than two years, according to the National Vaccine Institute. 

Dr. Sophon Mekthon, the director-general of the Department of Disease Control, said on Thursday at the 6th National Vaccine Conference in Bangkok that Thailand has gained global acceptance for its ability to provide basic vaccinations for more than 90% of its targeted population. Thailand has also been seen as being among ASEAN member countries that possess ‘vaccine integrity’.

Dr. Charung Mueangchana, director of the National Vaccine Institute, said at the same event Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia are slated to collaboratively develop vaccines against the four strains of dengue fever. The trial conducted involved 10,000 people who lived in areas that carried high risk of dengue fever. The vaccines were 56.5% successful in protecting against dengue, whereas the severity of dengue fever was reduced in as much as 88.5% of cases.

Dr. Charung added that Thailand will possess children’s vaccines for dengue fever within two years. The vaccines will be valid for children aged between two and 14 years, and each vaccination course will provide protection for two years.