Dengue fever detected in Maehongson


MAEHONGSON, 8 July 2012  – Fourteen patients with dengue fever have been discovered in Maehongson province. Officials are advising the public to quickly destroy mosquito breeding grounds.

Health officials are hurriedly insecticide-fogging communities throughout the province that may be breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The destruction of mosquito breeding areas comes after the occurrence of dengue fever and malaria patients in the province has been seen to be on the rise. At present, fourteen patients with dengue fever have been discovered, but no reports of fatalities so far. The greatest number of cases was reported in Pai.

Furthermore, 390 cases of malaria have been reported, along with one death. The Maehongson Health Center is asking the public to cooperate in eradicating the breeding grounds of mosquitoes, which are the carriers of these diseases. Mosquitoes are especially rampant in the rainy season, which is their breeding period.

The public is asked to exercise caution. Anyone experiencing elevated temperature and a fever that is not alleviated by medication should seek immediate medical attention.