Democrats to revise stance of coalition government


BANGKOK – The Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister, Jurin Laksanawisit, in his capacity as the Democrat Party leader, says his political party is ready to accept any decision made by Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, following reports of a possible cabinet reshuffle.

Mr. Jurin said today the resignation of Democrat Party member Peerapan Saleerattavipak was a personal decision, and there was no conflict within the party. Mr. Jurin declined to comment on reports that the Democrat Party may leave the coalition since he hasn’t made such a statement. The Democrat leader said he has been in many coalitions before and understands the process. If there is a cabinet reshuffle, it is up to the Prime Minister to decide and the Democrat Party to accept his decision in this case. He added that making unsubstantiated reports on a daily basis will not improve the government’s stability.

“I understand the political process very well. A cabinet reshuffle can be done, but it’s up to the Prime Minister. Just give us a notification. For the Democrats, we have no issues and and we’re ready to accept any decision in order to be clear. When there are rumors on a daily basis, they affect the government’s stability and core members of the party have to deal with them. In the end, the leading coalition party must take more responsibility than other parties. The Democrat Party is second on the list. That’s all.”

Meanwhile, the Chart Pattana Party chief advisor, Suwat Liptapanlop, said he feels for the government regarding its number of House seats. Although people may have confidence in the government’s policies, its stability is important to drive the policies forward. The government has two choices: create a better understanding with the coalition partners or reshuffle the cabinet to increase its number of House seats and improve its stability.