Democrats ready to enter the race again after electoral reforms have taken place


BANGKOK, 21 March 2014  The Democrat Party is ready to enter the race again, but they firmly stated that the elections must be accepted from all sides, and not be used as a tool for politicians to reap up their country’s benefits. 

Democrat Spokesman Chavanond Intarakomalyasut announced that the people of Thailand must come together and pressure Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her Pheu Thai Party to accept the Constitution Court’s ruling on whether the February 2nd election should be nullified or not to prevent further rifts within the country.

Chavanond declared that should the court nullify the election, then it will pave the way for the country’s reformation to take shape. However, he is concerned that Yingluck will not abide by the rules and may enact another royal decree that will allow a new election to take place. At this point, he said that the procedures must be done according to the Constitution’s laws, and for the elections to be complete, it must be based on the government’s decisions.

He requested Yingluck to consider the 2007 election, which had been nullified by the court’s decision where Thaksin Shinawatra served as the prime minister. At that time, the government was still able to enact a royal decree but they had to get an approval from the Election Commission first. However, since the political situation for this year is much worse than 2007, the government must also seek the approval of the Thai people first before hosting another election.

The Democrat Spokesman further stated that should the February 2nd election be nullified and that the electoral procedures are done in a honest manner, then and only then will the Democrats will be ready to enter the race again. However, if that cannot be done then the Democrats will find another way by trying to uphold the interests of the country.