Democrat Party backs people’s movement against Yingluck govt


BANGKOK, Nov 29 – Opposition Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has categorically rejected the government’s initiative for a dialogue to end the month-long political confrontation.

He said the Democrat Party will kick off its anti-government movement today in a strengthened effort to overthrow what it calls the Thaksin regime, insisting that the government is no longer mandated to run the country.

“The prime minister has no right to call for an end of demonstrations which have been organised peacefully. The Democrat Party is ready to support the people’s movement in accord with the Constitution,” he said.

Mr Abhisit said the Democrat Party will be restructured to enable people from different walks of life to use the party as a mechanism in establishing a national front.

“A party’s reform will be the tool for national reform,” he said. “The Democrat Party will fight in parallel (with other movements) to change the country’s political landscape.”

Democrats will not take any administrative positions in case of a non-parliamentary change, he said.

He said the society must convince Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down and the people’s strengthened campaign is aimed at leading her to do so.

The former prime minister said the Democrat executives had discussed the possibility of a mass resignation of all Democrat MPs and agreed that it would be one of the alternatives.