Death threat as demolition at Phu Tab Berk resorts continues


Phetchabun governor Bundit Thaveetivarak said that he and the chief of the Forestry Resources Management Office 4 received threats of death if they didn’t stop the demolition of resorts in Phu Tab Berk mountain.


The threat was conveyed to him by the chief district officer of Lomkhao district.

He disclosed that the chief officer Charnchai Sonsrivichai informed him of the death threat he received in a phone call.

But the governor said he was unshaken by the threat and would continue to demolish all resorts which were illegally built on the mountain.

However he said before the demolition of any resort, members of the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) unit would go in first to make sure it was safe before heavy machinery and workers entered.

On Wednesday the operation to dismantle resorts was conducted by about 700-strong police officers, soldiers and forestry officials, volunteers.

They were divided into two teams, equipped with heavy machines to demolish two resorts. The work ran slowly as one of the resorts was located on steep area near a cliff.

Lomkhao district chief Charnchai said it would take one more day to demolish these two resorts.

Altogether a total of 50 resorts must be demolished on court order.

The latest report said the superintendent of the Lomkhao police station was transferred to an inactive post at the Provincial Police’s Operation Center, Region 6.

The order was issued on Aug 25 and it is believed to be related to the protest of resort operators and Hmong ethnic groups on Phu Tab Berk on Aug 22.