Damaged light bulbs to be fixed throughout Bangkok


BANGKOK, 10 August 2012 – Bangkok Governor has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) on replacing burnt out light bulbs around Bangkok. The governor also visited Bang Khen water pumping station to check on its readiness for this year’s water situation. Bangkok Governor M.R. Sukumpan Boripat, along with his officials, yesterday visited Bang Khen water pumping station to check up on its readiness and capacity to handle heavy precipitation predicted for this year. The Bang Khen pumping station has just recently been renovated.

According to the governor, the installation of 2 additional water pumping machines has just been completed. The pumping capacity of the 2 machines is 4 cubic meters per second. With the 2 additional pumping machines, Bang Khen station’s total water pumping and draining capacity is now around 7 cubic meters per second; sufficient to deal with flood problems on Vibhavadi Road and in Laksi area as well as 8 square kilometers in the proximity of the station. The governor has also urged people not to litter or dump any trash in canals or drains as they will be clogged up.

Additionally, M.R. Sukumpan has signed an MOU with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority. The objective of the signed MOU is for both sides to join hands brightening up Bangkok by changing burnt out lightbulbs throughout the city, which in turn will increase safety of the people and reduce crimes in the city.

People are encouraged to call 1555 or 1330 if they come across any burnt out lightbulbs.