Cybersecurity law not related to personal information: DE


Bangkok – The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE) has dismissed criticism that the newly-approved national cybersecurity law will infringe upon people’s privacy, saying that the new law will secure the country’s critical infrastructure.

DE Permanent Secretary Atcharin Phatthanaphanchai said the new legislation is aimed to protect critical national infrastructure for public utilities, banking and financial services, and transportation etc from cyberattack.

Under such legislation, officials cannot access people’s personal data because they will need court approval first, she said. Court warrants are also required to search and confiscate computers allegedly used in moves to damage the country’s digital infrastructure.

The law puts cybersecurity threats in three categories. The first is not critical, so no special measures are required other than surveillance. The second level warrants a search of the computer network and other measures, which require court approval.

In the third category, action against threats that are deemed serious and likely to hurt public interests on a wide scale will be taken in line with the National Security Council Law.