Coronation ceremonies 80% prepared


Bangkok – The preparation for the coronation ceremonies of His Majesty the King are already 80% complete, according to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam.

The initial ceremonies will be held in April, starting with the acquisition of holy water, the preparations for the monarch’s full ceremonial titles on a golden tablet called a Phrasupphanabat, and the carving of the royal seal.

The main coronation ceremony will take place in May, followed by the state procession of the holy water in October.

Preparations already complete include the selection of His Majesty’s portrait to be placed across the country, the preparations for the ceremonial water and holy water, the instruments and gold plates for inscriptions on Phrasupphanabat and royal seal carving, the selection of persons to be granted audience before His Majesty the King, transportation plans for participants, and TV broadcasting preparations.

He also invited the general public to wear yellow clothes, the color representing the King’s birthday, for four months from April to July 2019.

The Prime Minister’s Office will be selling yellow shirts with the coronation symbol, along with brooches, with proceeds given to His Majesty for charity contributions.