Criminal Court attackers may have carried out an attack on PDRC’s Lad Prao gathering


BANGKOK, 18 Feb 2014, According to the Deputy Commissioner-General of the Royal Thai Police, Police General Ake Angsananon, those who attacked the Criminal Court last Friday may earlier have carried out an attack on the Lad Prao gathering of the PDRC.  The investigation indicates that, based on the trajectory of the M79 bullet, the attackers had most likely fired the weapon from a moving vehicle, said Police General Ake, adding that the finding strongly suggests that the attackers are adept at using the M79. 

The Deputy Commissioner-General believes that intimidation is the motivation for the attacks, pointing out that the assault wasn’t carried out during normal working hours. He has instructed crime scene investigators to thoroughly study CCTV footage from the court, and nearby buildings on Ratchada Road, in their bid to identify the attackers and their vehicle. 

Furthermore investigators have indicated that the M79 bullets used in the attack are identical to those used during the assault on the People’s Democratic Reform Committee gathering site in Lad Prao, raising suspicions that the same individuals are behind both attacks.