Continuous rainfalls expected in Thailand and Andaman Sea

Andaman Sea ‘Lipe Island’.
Andaman Sea ‘Lipe Island’.

Thailand Weather – General Situation
Continuous rainfalls are expected in overall country whereas the North has less rainfall distribution than any other regions. Isolated heavy rains are forecast for the Northeast, the East, and the South regions as the monsoon trough lie across over Myanmar, Laos and upper Vietnam to the low-pressure cell in the Gulf of Tonkin. Meanwhile, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea and Thailand. People in the Northeast, the East and the South should beware of the severe conditions.

From28-31 May, more rains are expected with isolated heavy falls due to the monsoon trough shift across the North and the Northeast and the southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea.

Bangkok Metropolis and Vicinity Forecast
Cloudy with scattered thundershowers mainly in afternoon to evening. Minimum temperature 25-28 °C. Maximum temperature 33-38 °C. Southwesterly winds 10-30 km/hr.

7 days Weather Forecast
During 28 – 31 May, the monsoon trough lies across Upper Thailand while the southwest monsoon remains over the Andaman Sea and Thailand will strengthen. More rain over Thailand with isolated heavy rain in the areas. During 1 – 2 June, the southwest monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea and Thailand while the monsoon trough will weakening. Less rains are expected in Thailand.

During 28 – 31 May, people in the Upper Thailand should beware of severe condition include thunderstorm, gust and hail.

Thailand Weather - General Situation.
Thailand Weather – General Situation.