Constitution Drafting Committee believes it will produce a ‘Dream Charter’


BANGKOK – The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) believes the new constitution will be an ideal one, and that diversity of thoughts is normal and should not be considered as a conflict, according to CDC spokesman Amorn Wanichwiwatana, who said that the drafting process of this charter is independent and is expected to deliver an ideal constitution. 

He said the meeting will consider the suggestions and noted flaws of the new constitution, as well as the reform points to be written in the transitory provision, which has actually been specifically mentioned within the articles.

The CDC will be focusing on the law regarding education and legal implementation as they sees these are urgent areas in need of strengthening to prevent the potential sub-sequences, while differing opinions are considered normal and should not be viewed as conflicts.

The CDC’s offsite meeting also has another important aim according to the spokesman: to promote the content of the constitution to the public through easy to understand formats and media outlets.