Chuvit ready to expose more gambling den video clips


BANGKOK, 25 August 2011 – Rak Thailand Party Leader and party-listed MP Chuvit Kamolvisit has disclosed that he still has plenty of video clips in hand after he recently released the first one on a big gambling den alleged to be operating in Bangkok. 

Mr Chuvit stated that the first video clip was just to suggest National Police Chief Police General Wichean Potephosree to take action against gambling dens as he denied trying to find fault against anyone. He confirmed that the footage was new and recorded on the actual scene.

The MP reported that the gambling den was only 100 metres away from the main Ratchadapisek Road and located between Soi Ratchadapisek 14 and Soi Ratchadapisek 16. He believed that it was moved to the area only a month ago, and over two-million-baht bribe was estimated to be sent daily to local authorities.

Mr Chuvit noted that he disclosed the footage because he was confident that the national police chief and Metropolitan Police Chief Police Lieutenant General Chakthip Chaichinda would take action against gambling dens and would not let people down.

The outspoken MP also revealed that big trucks were reported to transport all equipment out of the gambling den after he disclosed the video clip to Parliament on Tuesday. He wished that the police would be working harder in this issue.

Mr Chuvit added that he is ready to provide information to the minister overseeing the National Police Bureau. He noted that he still has plenty of other video clips of gambling dens in other places in both Bangkok and other provinces.