Chiang Rai bus crash injures 25 French tourists


Chiang Rai – A bus carrying French tourists en route to Chiang Rai province crashed on Tuesday due to a slippery road. However, the 26 people on board walked away with only minor injuries.

The accident took place in Mae Lao district while the bus was on its way to Chiang Rai. The French passengers were taken off the bus and to Mae Lao hospital after the vehicle overturned on the slippery road surface.

Those injured were one Thai tour guide and 25 French tourists. The driver, Nattapol Klinchuen, who appeared to be unharmed, revealed that he was driving from Chiang Mai and was looking for a rice field along the way to show the French tourists.

He claimed that rain started pouring and the road became slippery, causing him to lose control of the vehicle.