Chiang Mai volunteers trained in anti-drug operations


CHIANG MAI, 20 May 2015 – Security authorities and health officials in Fang district of Chiang Mai province have joined hands in a special training exercise aimed at enhancing the skills of anti-drug campaign volunteers.

The opening ceremony was chaired by chief of the district’s Drug Prevention and Suppression Operation Center. More than 200 volunteers across the district have participated in the program.

The volunteers will be educated by security authorities and health experts on essential skills and best practice when it comes to performing duties in risk-prone areas. These include search and seizure of illegal items, entering a suspect’s home, club operations and emergency rescue.

Participating agencies included Fang district police, Volunteer Defense Corps, border patrol police and Fang Hospital. The training exercise was prompted by a report that over 100 villages in Fang district are susceptible to drug-related crimes.

Drug problems have been a major concern for the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). The NCPO last year declared drug prevention and suppression part of the national agenda.