Chiang Mai public hearing wants the Government to decentralize power


CHIANG MAI, 2 Feb 2015,  Locals of the Northern Province of Chiang Mai have expressed their hopes for the Government to decentralize administrative power to the provincial and local administrations.

The suggestion was made during yesterday’s 2 separate public hearings on the new Charter Drafting, during which the locals of Chiang Mai and Prae met with the members of Provincial National Reform Council (NRC). Such hearings have so far been conducted 70 times out of the 211 planned nationwide.

According to Ms. Julairat Jullajakkrawat, Chiang Mai member of the NRC, a large crowd of people attended yesterday’s event, adding that the most popular suggestion was the demand for decentralization of the government to lower administrative levels such as provincial and local administrations.

She said the move would allow the people to manage their own territory, adding that the suggestion was neutral and not fabricated.

Meanwhile, most of the 600 residents of Prae attending the public hearing yesterday voiced their opinions on the new Charter Drafting, particularly on the management of land in the national reserve areas. Prae NRC members said they would compile these suggestions into a comprehensive report and send it to the Constitution Drafting Committee before the end of April for consideration.