Chiang Mai prepares to host mobile Cabinet meeting


CHIANG MAI, 27 June 2015 (NNT) – Chiang Mai province is now stepping up the preparation to accommodate the mobile Cabinet meeting while aiming to propose provincial projects on this occasion.

The Governor of Chiang Mai Suriya Prasartbandit has chaired the preparation meeting for the second mobile Cabinet meeting in Chiang Mai, and confirmed that the province is well prepared to host this meeting. Various preparatory measures were discussed in all aspects.

Provincial agencies will be responsible of taking care of each agencies’ ministers, while the army and police will provide security protection to the Prime Minister and the entire delegate. Preparations were also underway at the ‘Thai help Thais’ community marketplace, where the Prime Minister is scheduled to visit on 29 June 2015.

The Chiang Mai Governor has then visited the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre which is the main site of the Cabinet’s meeting as well as the location where each ministry will showcase their exhibitions. Preparations here are almost complete with an exception of a few minor adjustments.

The Chiang Mai Governor also said that the province will propose existing projects in the function budget of each ministry to the Cabinet to expedite the process, such as the mass transit project, road extension, water resources renovation, and waste-water management.

He has said that 50 million baht budget will be requested from the 2016 annual budget, for the design of the mass transit system in the province, along with an additional 20 million baht for the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ construction of the bicycle path. OTOP projects are also expected to spur more employment and income to the public.

He has also asked the public who wished to hand in petitions to the Cabinet, to make their requests at the Damrongtham Center at the provincial hall or at gate 6 of the exhibition center. He affirmed that the Damrongtham Center will take all requests seriously to solve the problems.

The Chiang Mai Governor has added that the meeting in Chiang Mai see development to areas in the province which were previously lacking, and will benefit the province’s tourism image as a peaceful destination.