Chiang Mai haze beyond safety level; over 100 hot spots found


CHIANG MAI, March 28 — The northern province of Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s tourist top destinations, is facing its worst smog and haze in years as the dust particle level has passed safety standards and more than 100 hot spots have been found in the province.

Chiang Mai Governor Thanin Supasan on Thursday met with 25 district chiefs and agencies concerned to evaluate the smog and haze situation in the province.

The level of dust particles measured in Chiang Mai city centre was recorded at 139 microgrammes per cubic metre (mg/cm) of air while at Yuparat Wittayalai School was measured at 170 mg/cm which were beyond the safety standard of 120 mg/cm.

Meanwhile, the authorities found 132 hot spots, 97 of which were in the natural conservation area.

The governor instructed the authorities to strictly monitor and control the forest fires and to work effectively together

The province coordinated with the Royal Thai Air Force to use its aircraft to spray water in the air to reduce the dust particle levels.

The operation would be carried out every day, six rounds a day for 15 days or until the smog and haze situation eases.

The operation would start at Chiang Mai and will cover all nine provinces in the northern region.