Chiang Mai feels the arrival of winter


CHIANG MAI, 3 October 2014  Chiang Mai province has experienced mild winter in the morning. The early arrival of winter has prompted people to seek donations of warm clothes before the temperature begins to plunge.

A high pressure trough has been forecasted in the North and Northeast of Thailand this weekend. The temperature in the northern region is expected to drop 2-4 degrees Celsius. Meteorologists have advised residents to brace themselves against gusty winds and thundershowers during this time.

The amount of rain will also decrease as the temperature begins to decline. It is a common occurrence during the transition period when the rainy season is coming to an end. Fog will also be visible in the morning.

Residents living in the mountains have voiced their concerns for their well-being. The weather tends to become icy cold at the peak of winter. They could feel the cold at the end of last month and believe it will be even colder this year. Several agencies have been working together to provide locals with warm clothes early on before the temperature becomes unbearable.