Chiang Mai Airport continues operating despite aircraft fuel leak


CHIANG MAI, Nov 10 — Operations at Chiang Mai Airport continued normally Sunday following an aviation fuel leak from a pipeline operated by PTT Plc Saturday night, Airport Director Group Captain Visutr Chantana said. 

The accident occurred when the pipeline leaked at Bay 19 for parking aircraft, causing a large amount of fuel to flow into a sewerage within the airport compound and into a nearby canal affecting a housing community, he said.

Airport and emergency workers placed sandbags to prevent oil from further fuel to flowing into the  canal  and asked PTT to repair the leaking pipeline, Group Captain Visutr said.

The canal later caught fire, he said, but was contained in about 15 minutes.

Group Captain Visutr said the airport was not damaged and commercial aircraft could land or depart normally because the bay where the fuel leaked is used for parking small aircraft.

He said PTT will compensate for property damaged by the fire.

The cause of the oil leak was still unknown, he added.