Chemical explosion victims ask for compensations


RAYONG, 15 May 2012  – Victims of the recent chemical plant explosion in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong province have asked for their compensations after the accident incurred a large number of injuries and deaths. 

Over 100 residents from Soi Ruam Pattana Community in Map Ta Phut Municipality gathered in their communal area on Monday to demand compensations from BST Elastomers Company Limited, of which chemical factory exploded and had gas leakage on May 5. Eleven people were killed in the accident and over 140 others were injured.

Representatives from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, Rayong’s Mueang District Office, Map Ta Phut Municipality and BST Elastomers were also present to listen to the protesters, who requested compensation plans from the company within three days.

The BST Elastomers representative expressed his apology for the accident, assuring the protesters that the company will compensate them for their suffering. He also vowed that the dead will not be overlooked as their families will be fully compensated as well as taken care of.