Chaiyaphum makes tap water drinkable


Tap water in Chatturat district of Chaiyaphum province is now drinkable.

Tassanee Saetia, the deputy governor of the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA), has made it known that water distributed by the Chatturat Water Production Station is clean, and thus drinkable.


Six drinkable water fountains have been installed so far this year while four more fountains are on the way. The MWA in cooperation with the Department of Health will check the quality of water on a regular basis.

The deputy governor has also asked members of the public to check the cleanliness of water pipes in their homes.

The quality of water produced by the PWA is up to the standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO), the deputy governor said, adding that the Ministry of the Interior is determined to provide drinkable water to every community across the nation.