Cabbie seen jumping on a car’s bonnet faces withdrawal of driving license


The owner of a taxi faces a fine of 1,000 baht and his driver will have his driving license withdrawn following an incident in which the driver was seen in a widely-circulated video clip making a flying jump on the bonnet of a private car.


The incident took place in Soi Onnuj 30. The taxi driver who was later identified as Mr Komsant sae Jao, was reported to get into the soi and his car encroached on the opposite lane while the private car driven by a foreigner was exiting the soi.

The foreigner refused to give way to the cabbie because he was in the right lane, prompting a heated argument between the two. Then the angry cabbie kicked at the foreigner’s car and was seen in a video jumping on the car’s bonnet.

The Land Transport Department said today that he managed to identify the taxi driver and the car owner, Voluntary Taxi Cooperatives. An official of the department said that the cabbie, Mr Komsant sae Jao, did not have previous record of violence.

The official, however, said that the car owner had violated the law regulating taxi drivers for not submitting Mr Komsant’s background to the department as legally required.