Bus fare hike to proceed unless court orders otherwise


Bangkok – The Department of Land Transport has confirmed an increase in bus fares between 1-7 baht will go ahead from 22 April 2019, unless the central administrative court decides otherwise.

A case was recently filed with the court requesting emergency immunity and a holding back of the bus fare increases. The Department of Land Transport however has confirmed the fare increase will go ahead as planned unless the court issues a directive to change the disputed DLT’s resolution.

Fare increases will apply on all public bus services, with regular buses colored cream-red costing 8 baht per trip, air conditioned buses colored cream-navy costing between 12-20 baht per journey based on the distance, Euo II buses colored orange which will cost 13-25 baht per trip based on distance, new blue air-conditioned buses will cost 15 baht per trip for the first 1-4 kilometers, 20 baht for up to 16 kilometers, and 25 baht for more than 16 kilometers.

Bus services operating through tollways will cost an additional 2 baht per passenger per trip, while night services will cost 1.5 baht more than standard fares. Bus services run by private companies will cost 10 baht more per journey, while long-distance bus services by the Transport Company and private carriers will cost up to 10% more.