Bung Kan meat shopping slow despite upcoming Chinese New Year


BUENG KAN, 16 February 2015 – Consumer spending in Bueng Kan province has been sluggish ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, while the price of one boiled pig’s head, a popular traditional dish, has risen to 600 baht.

The market in Muang district has been rather quiet, despite the upcoming Chinese New Year period. Fewer people visited the market, as the prices of all meats have increased.

Meanwhile, the price of pig head has increased by 10 baht to 70 baht per kilogram. This translates to a head fetching between 600-800 baht. The price is expected to increase further during the Chinese New Year period.

The holiday coincides with the Buddhist Holy Day, when pork is forbidden. The prices of pork and ground pork remained at 150 baht per kilogram.