BTS – BMTA – Saen Saep ferries on standby to increase frequency of services


BANGKOK, 26 November 2013 Transportation in Bangkok will maintain its regular services and frequency of its vehicles. Any changes to the rounds of service per hour will depend on the current developments of the political situation. 

BTS Executive Director Anat Aphaphirom reaffirms that the BTS system still maintains its current frequency of service – with the Sukhumvit line trains arriving at stations every 2 and a half minutes and Silom line arriving every 4 minutes. Mr. Anat announced that more rounds will be added if more passengers are utilizing the trains to avoid vehicular traffic congestions due to political demonstrations.

According to Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) Director Opat Petchmunee, some bus lines have been diverted to avoid road obstructions caused by the demonstrations.

Meanwhile, Kropkrua Konsong Co., Saen Saep ferry boats provider, stated that no additional boats have been made as there have not been a significant increase of passengers.