Boat service in Ayutthaya warned of strong tides as dam releasing water


AYUTTHAYA, 7 September 2011 -Passenger boats have been warned to take extra precautions when taking people across the river as more water has been released from the Chaopraya Dam to keep the dam safe.

According to the Marine Department Ayutthaya Office, strong tides could capsize the boats while the dam continues to release 2,543 cubic meters of water per second.

The current in the river in front of the Khunprom Temple, where the ferry service is located, is expected to be ferocious in the next two days when the water from the dam finally reaches these narrow embankments.

Boat drivers are being warned not to sail against the tides trying to cut across the river. They are advised to sail parallel to the embankment until the river is calm before moving to the opposite side.

Head of the Ayutthaya Office Mr. Rachata Pakafung reminded boat operators to abide by the law and make sure there were life jackets on board.