BMTA prepares buses for new school term


BANGKOK – Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) has allocated 2,602 buses to run on weekdays once the school semester starts to make sure the supply is sufficient for students and other commuters.

The BMTA announced that as this May 16 is the beginning of the new school semester, it has prepared more buses to deal with an expected surge in passenger numbers. The authority has also recruited more drivers who will be working on a more frequent rotation to ensure safety. All together, 2,602 buses will be available each day, 1,520 will be normal buses and 1,082 will be air conditioned, with 21,891 trips taking place throughout the day.

The BMTA is currently running maintenance checks on all of its buses which extend to the integrity of doors and windows in preparation for the start of the school term. It has resolved to stringently monitor the functions of buses and drivers and will perform regular alcohol checks to ensure safety on roads.