BMA poised to ask communities to help eradicate drugs


BANGKOK, 31 March 2012  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is moving ahead with plans to have local communities played more roles in its drug eradication campaign. 

Deputy BMA Governor Malinee Sukavejworakit said that in the latest meeting of the Bangkok Command Center for Drugs committee and related agencies, it was agreed that the spread of drug use in the metropolitan area remains serious despite continued clampdown, prevention and rehabilitation efforts.

However, the trend and the forms of drug dealing and use have been changing all the time, according to Dr. Malinee.

As a result, the BMA will step up its watch and follow-up on drug problems at the community level while encouraging members of local communities to help in the eradication of narcotics in their respective areas.

Dr. Malinee said that all parties involved hope that this approach will be effective in rehabilitating drug users and cutting down on substance abuse in a sustainable manner.