Blue flag campaign launched to help residents affected by drought


BUENG KAN – The Ministry of Commerce is launching the Blue Flag campaign in areas affected by drought in a bid to help shoulder the daily expenses of struggling families. 

The ministry introduced the campaign several years ago and sold household goods at affordable prices to help curb the cost of living.

The scheme was recently offered in Bueng Kan province to assist residents suffering from water shortages in the districts of Sriwilai, Sega, Bueng Khong Long, So Pisai and Porn Charoen. Everyday items will be sold at discounts of 30-50% at the Office of Commercial Affairs.

As for Surin province, Governor Attaporn Singhawichai said Jom Phra district has been declared a drought-stricken zone. As many as 578 homes are without drinking water.

Two other districts, Tha Matoom and Samrong Thap, are at risk of water shortages. Water is currently being pumped into a storage unit to ensure there will be enough clean water for home consumption.