Benzene and gasohol pump prices down 20-60 satang per liter


BANGKOK, 8 January 2015 – The government’s committee on energy policy administration on Wednesday announced another reduction to retail prices of benzene and gasohol fuels, which would see the prices drop by between 20 to 60 satang per liter.

The Energy Policy Administration Committee (EPAC) has resolved to cut the prices of benzene 95 and 91, and gasohol 95 and 91, by 60 satang per liter. The price of E20 and E85 gasohol fuels will also be cut by 40 and 20 satang per liter, respectively. The new prices will be in effect at gas stations at 5 am today (Thursday).

Energy Minister Narongchai Akrasanee said after chairing the EPAC meeting that the formula for calculating the production cost of LPG gas has also been adjusted, meaning that the cost of production is now calculated at 16.11 baht per kilogram. Although the new formula will take effect on February 2, pump prices will not be changed until March.