Beijing reports 70 percent less criminal alarms during APEC week


BEIJING, Nov 13 –  No violent terror happened and 71 percent less criminal alarms reported during the APEC week, Beijing police announced Wednesday night.

Beijing has maintained sound public order due to top security measures, according to the police.

The APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting was held in Beijing from Nov. 10 to 11. During the APEC week, China hosted a series of meetings from Nov. 5 to 11.

Beijing police launched the top security control plan on Nov. 6 with an average of 28,000 police officers on duty daily. All buses and trains operating on key routes were under supervision.

The municipal police have examined four million in-bound vehicles and 10.9 million people.

Since November, the police have cracked about 2,100 criminal cases and caught some 700 suspects.

Beijing authorities also imposed a traffic control based on an odd-and-even vehicle plate rule from Nov. 3 to 12. Traffic accident emergency calls dropped therefore by 44 percent on a daily average.

APEC meeting is a platform for leaders and representatives of member economies to discuss the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region. This was the second time for China to be the host following the APEC meetings held in Shanghai in 2001.